Content management system – CMS

The CMS we use, WordPress, is easy to understand and to use. Moreover, it allows complete personalization with the identity and the colors of your company.

Full responsive (Desktop and mobile website) : Online, half of the visits are now made via smartphone and tablets. But you do not want to leave 50% of your prospects aside. This is why your website has to be adapted to mobiles. We assure that visiting your website will always be very pleasant to surf on, whether you are on a computer, a phone or a tablet.

Google S.E.O.

Search-engine optimization is about improving your content so that it matches with Google’s algorithm. Following these rules edited by Google is the only way to get in the top of the first page of search results. And you can count on us to follow Google’s prerequisite.

Local Google S.E.O.

When people go on a search-engine to find goods and services online, they are looking for local companies. We guarantee that your website will be in the top results for local searches, as it enables you to reach potential clients immediately. Get found locally and get listed for free on Google

Social networks

Because of the social networks, people can directly give their opinion about companies. Besides, they took the reflex to check their reputation online first to see whether other people would recommend it or not.
We are able to ensure that people will not only find you, but want to contact and work with you.

Digital marketing

We run online campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to help you to reach more clients.

Google Adwords campaign (PPC)

When done by experts like us, Google Adwords can be highly effective. We assure to get you qualified visits, with a high conversion rate. Plus, we make sure to control at best your expenditures, so that your money is best spent. We also can audit your website in order to optimize the user experience, about the landing pages for example.